Owners Corporation

What is Owners Corporation?

Do you own or live in a unit or apartment, own Commercial or Industrial property with common area? Then you are part of an Owners Corporation (formerly Body Corporate).
Owners of these types of property should be familiar with the operations of Owners Corporations, the familiar term “body corporate” has now been replaced with Owners Corporation, which is covered by the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Owners Corporation Regulations 2007. Even though the new legislation was adopted 31st December 2007, we at King & Heath understand that Body Corporate is a term, hard to forget.
At King & Heath Pty Ltd our team is dedicated to fulfilling every aspect of Owners Corporation Management. We have the regulation Professional Indemnity Insurance and are registered as Owners Corporation Managers with Business Licensing Victoria, which can be found on website www.bla.vic.gov.au
We are a member of Owners Corporation Victoria which provide continued Professional Education and improved standards. www.ocv.org.au
Our Manager’s role includes:
* Arranging maintenance and repairs of common property
* Arranging Notices, Agendas and attending meetings
* Preparing and distributing minutes
* Financial Management including setting Budgets and collection of Fees
* Arranging and maintain competitive insurance
* Keep and maintain the Owners Corporation Register
For continued enjoyment of your property you need to ensure that your Owners Corporation is managed in a professional and competent way. At King & Heath our managers are continually trained in all aspects of Owners Corporation Management and compliance with Owners Corporation Act 2006 and the Owners Corporation Regulations 2007 and rules

Our Services

Owners Corporation Management is an extremely specialised field requiring thorough understanding and application of legal, accounting, insurance and building disciplines as well as the skills of organisation and people management.
King & Heath offer outstanding professional management by bringing together a wealth of experience in all facets of Owners Corporation Management under the one roof.
Our Comprehensive Service and Attention to Administrative Details include:
* Convening and chairing general meetings as required
* Compiling and publishing minutes of meetings and forwarding them to all owners thereby acting as secretary to the Owners Corporation
* Taking all necessary action from inception through to satisfactory completion to implement all resolutions of meetings
* Arranging for election of office bearers etc, and the conduct of ballots
* Obtaining all necessary insurance and handling all Owners Corporation insurance claims.
* Handling the finances of the Owners Corporation, including the issuing of accounts for members contributions and levies, receiving money and maintaining bank accounts
* Preparation of the administration fund budgets for each financial year as well as preparation of the annual statement of income/expenditure and balance sheet
* Issuing of legal documents required by the Subdivision Act such as “Form 3’s” Owners Corporation Certificate (in the event of a sale of Lot) plus advising on compliance with legislation.
* Validation and prompt payment of invoices from Contractors & Tradespeople
The fee is inclusive of administration and charged quarterly per annum. This includes an Annual General Meeting each year with the inclusion of a Special General Meeting and attendance at 3 committee meetings when required